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            Tracking Guide for Hermes

            This guide gives more details on the tracking status of our shipments that are transiting through the Hermes network. Click Here to track your shipments.

             Status  Details
            Out for Delivery to Courier

            Parcel has left the depot but has not yet been received by the courier. If this status has not been updated for more than 24 hours then an enquiry should be raised.

            Processed at Depot

            Parcel has been received at depot but has not been scanned onto a van for delivery to courier. Allow longer for tracking to update.

            Hub trailer via sorter

            Parcel has been scanned in the hub and scanned onto trailer which is en route to the depot. Allow 24 hours for delivery.

            Received at Hermes Hub

            Parcel received at the hub but not yet scanned onto a trailer for onward delivery.

            Pre advice loaded

            Hermes are expecting the parcel into their network but have not yet received it. If the last tracking date is less than 2 days please allow more time for Hermes to receive. If last tracking is more than 3 working days parcel not received by Hermes (missing/not dispatched).

            Awaiting courier receipt

            Parcel has been allocated to the courier but the courier has not received it. If the last tracking date is less than 5 working days – allow up to 5 working days from tracking  point for parcel to reappear in Hermes network. if the last tracking date is more than 5 working days then your parcel is lost.

            Misrouted at Depot

            Parcel sent to incorrect depot. The parcel has been sent to the wrong depot. The parcel will be returned to the hub to be sent  out to the correct depot. Please allow a further 48 to 72 hours for delivery.

            Return – Process by hub/depot

            Parcel is on its way back to Geko, it is no longer in the Hermes network. Parcel has been returned. Allow time for the parcel to be received and processed by Geko.

            Receipt at Depot

            The parcel has arrived at the depot for sorting. It will be allocated to the courier. If no further movement from this tracking point after 5 working days the parcel is lost.

            Mis sorted to wrong courier

            The parcel has been sent to the wrong courier. Allow 48 hours for the parcel to be sent back to the depot and re manifested to the correct courier.

            Manifested for delivery

            Parcel allocated to the courier but is still at the depot and has not yet gone out. If not receipt scanned by the courier within 5 working days parcel is lost.

            Delayed at Depot

            The parcel has been returned to the depot due to a query on the delivery. The depot will investigate the reason for return to enable to parcel to be re manifested back out for delivery.

            MOD - Reallocation

            The parcel has been relabelled and re despatched to an alternative courier/depot/carrier. Allow up to a maximum of 72 hours dependant on alternative carrier or depot.

            UP Reallocation / Updated

            The parcel has been reallocated back out to a courier with additional information provided. Allow up to 48 hours for delivery to take place.

            Delivered to Secure Location

            The parcel has been left by the courier at the property. Your parcel has been left in a safe location and you should have been left a calling card detailing this location.

            Courier Received

            The courier has received the parcel that day and scanned with their hand held terminal. The courier will make a delivery attempt on the day of the receipt scan.

            Updated: 14 Jun 2019 04:55 PM
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